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Unisex hairstyling products

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Heat Protection Thermo Spray Lome Paris

It's true that we all like to have a nice hairstyle (hair dryer or any hot styling tools) depends if we are creating a volume or straightening our client's hair.

This style makes our hair looks awesome. I love use it myself as well.

It makes my hair a lot more tidier, smoother and shinier. But we need to think about one very important fact, and that's it: "The heat from a hair dryer, straightener, wand, etc. is causing damage to our client's hair."

That's why we need to use a proper product (the heat protection) on our client's hair. By doing that, we are making sure to keep our client's hair protected as much as possible.

At the Our Way hair & beauty, we are using the Thermo Spray from Lome Paris and we like it very much what it does to our client's hair.

Even more, our clients love it too! 😇🙌💇💈💆❤️

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